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Our Story

In November of 2013, boutique owner Hyacinth Paul came across an article in the Dayton Daily stating that the poverty level of our city was notably high. Hyacinth was deeply troubled and decided to do something about it – the creation of Simply Hyacinth. She took about six months to travel all over the USA, locating the finest artisans and American-made products. Her vision was to create a contemporary boutique brimming with unique products made by local artists. What began as a small kiosk in the Dayton Mall evolved into Dayton’s newest, sophisticated, contemporary boutique. Her trademark, Hyacinth Paul, was approved in November 2014 by the USPTO, with which she plans to design her own line of ethnic wear, handbags and accessories.



Simply Hyacinth, a woman-owned and operated business, is the boutique for the connoisseur - our nearly 4,000-square-foot shop carries American artisan brands, locally produced jewelry and fashions, and modern furniture and art. The shop is now online and we have original art by Hyacinth Paul at the gallery on Front Street.

We offer handmade fashion accessories and art pieces that are one-of-a-kind, so they are ever-changing in their design and patterns. The merchandise acquired by our company is bought from normal everyday people just like you.  We are working hard to bring you artwork and unique art pieces to enhance your space.  

We were passionately moved to create a community and to do it with style. Customers feel good about purchasing our socially responsible merchandise because these products are handmade one of a kind pieces created by talented people worldwide. Please feel free to send us your request, suggestions or concerns at  We look forward to build long lasting relationships.