Goat Milk Soap Avocado Facial Bar Honey Sweetie Acres

Honey Sweetie Acres

The avocado bar was designed specifically for the face. Real avocado puree plus a recipe high in organic avocado oil combine for super skin nourishment. Avocado absorbs easily into deep skin tissue and will not clog pores. The natural color is due to retained chlorophyll of the real, ripe avocado in every bar. Your skin will feel soft and supple without a hint of dryness. The hand-size shape makes them easier to hold and pack for travel in your cosmetic case. 3.25oz

Goat milk soap is high in vitamins like A, C, E and B, minerals, emollients, amino acids and enzymes that contribute to healthy skin.  Fat globules in goat milk soap are naturally homogenized and do not separate out which is crucial for a quality moisturizing soap.  It also contains natural glycerin which is removed from commercial products.  Pure goat milk soap is hypoallergenic, does not contain alcohol, animal tallow, synthetic colors or fragrances, artificial preservatives.  It contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids which help in the removal of dead skin cells.  Honey Sweetie acres is certified by Handcrafter Soap-Makers and Cosmetics Guild.  The soap is made from Nigerian dwarf dairy goats a breed renowned for high fat content 6-10% compared to 2-4% in other breeds.  Essential oils used are produced by cold process extraction by the vendors it is sourced from.  Organic coconut oil is the base Colorants are natural clay's, herbs, purified earth oxides, spices and mica's.  Preservative free and use natural antioxidants to prevent oxidation of soaps and after production the soaps are cured 4-6 weeks in a cool dehumidified environment. 


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