Whispering Prayer Bracelet - "When Life gets too Hard to Stand - Kneel"

Whispering Prayer Bracelets

Made in Dayton, OH this bracelet is a daily reminder to pray for others as well as yourself. When Life Gets too Hard to Stand Kneel. This piece is handcrafted with black semi-precious gemstones and silver sparkle details.  Two heavens eye beads are placed in the middle as a reminder to never judge. We can’t see the life of everyone around us nor can we see what our future has in store for us. You must look at life through heaven's eyes.  Whispering Prayer is a Faith Based Company from Dayton, OH, that spreads love and prayer through Handmade Bracelets.  Each Bracelet is prayed upon with a devotion and the Serenity Prayer.  Wearing these bracelets remind you that you are covered in God's love and their whispered prayer.  Each Bracelet comes with a special Gift Bag and a card that reads "With each Bead I string, My Thoughts are meant for you.  When the knot is tied may my Whispered Prayer see you through."

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